Commercial Floor Coatings

There are numerous applications for commercial use, retail, restaurants, warehouses, airport hangers, garages, walkways, etc.  The color selection is almost unlimited as well.

Our Commercial Floor Coatings

Whatever your commercial business, your floors surely take a beating.  You want and need your floors protected, for many reasons.  Our commercial floor coating is virtually indestructible.  Hot grease from food prep area, motor oil, even most caustic chemicals, prove no match for the strength and flexibility of our special polymer floor covering.  Manufacturing facilities, retail centers, commercial kitchens, warehouses, machine shops,  hospitals, exterior or interior walkways, concrete steps, and many other buildings trust their protective floor coating application to Prestige Floor Coating and Prestige Polymers.

Other floor coating products may not stand up to the harsh weather conditions-grueling summer sun, heat and humidity, arctic winter cold-we experience in the East.  Prestige doesn’t back down.  You can trust your exterior surfaces will be every bit as durable as your interior floors.  If you have concrete walkways and stairs, know that our coating will provide protection with vastly reduced threat of slip-and-fall liability, no matter the weather.

The Prestige name is synonymous with state-of-the-art floor covering.  With over 40,000 satisfied commercial and residential customers who’ve entrusted their floors to us, our reputation is stellar.  What’s more, we back our floor covering and provide you with product and workmanship warranty.  Our application technicians know exactly what they’re doing.  You can rest easy knowing that your commercial floor coating has been applied with the utmost in care, and attention to detail.

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Many Reasons to Protect Your Commercial Floors

From restaurants to airplane hangars, automobile showrooms, to health care centers, you want to make sure your commercial floor coating is durable, slip-and-fall protected, and pleasing to look at.   We have a full line of products to suit your needs.  Whether you need simple concrete sealant, or a chemical resistant polymer coating, we will provide the very best protection for your floors, and highly trained technicians, skilled and ready to apply your floor coating.

In some cases, it’s not enough for businesses to simply protect their floors.  Many commercial buildings must have durable floors which are aesthetically pleasing as well.  Should your commercial facility house a showroom, you’ll need a safe, protective, and enhanced floor, which holds up to traffic, and always keeps its appeal.  You’ll find plenty of options from Prestige Floor Coating to protect your flooring while enhancing the appearance of your facility and your products.

Floor Coatings Are Good for Your Building and the Environment

Our protective floors aren’t just appealing to the eye and protective of your clients and employees, our polymers are green and non-threatening to the environment.  Our state-of-the-art custom industrial and commercial floor coating applications are made of eco-friendly polymers and have low VOC compounds.  That means not only will your business benefit, but you’ll be doing your part to make sure, from production to application, and beyond, your protective commercial floor covering is not harming the planet.

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With over sixteen years in the commercial floor coating industry, Prestige Floor Coating and Prestige Polymers set the standard.  Our team of experienced technicians will help you choose the right application for your needs.  Whether your building is primarily storage, or your location experiences a high amount of foot-or vehicle-traffic, Prestige knows what works best.  Contact Prestige Floor Coating today to find out what you can do for your floors, interior and exterior surfaces.  It’s always a good idea to preserve and protect your commercial facility.

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