Commercial Floor Painting

Commercial Floor Coatings

If your commercial building’s floor is cracked, stained, faded, or you are just looking to protect your floors, commercial floor painting can be a great option. From bathroom floors to retail showrooms to factory floors, our superior floor products can help you protect your floors whilst making them stand out.

The Prestige Floor Coating name is synonymous with state-of-the-art floor covering.  With more than 2 million square feet covered and thousands of satisfied customers, our reputation is synonymous with quality throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  What’s more, we back our floor covering and provide you with product and workmanship warranty.  Our floor coating experts know exactly what they’re doing.  You can rest easy knowing that your commercial floor coating has been applied with the utmost in care, and attention to detail.

Commercial Floor Painting

There are many benefits to having your commercial floor painted. From adding non slip protection, to repairing a floor that looks like it has seen better days, having your commercial floor painted can prevent you from having to rip up a floor and install a costly new product. Prestige Floor Coating offers you a commercial floor painting product that is superior to the rest. We have created a product that is 800% stronger than concrete at 20,000 PSI. Our floor coating products have also been created to stand up to everything from having chemicals splashed on it, to heavy foot traffic, you will get a floor paint that will protect your floor and look great for years to come.

Our Commercial Floor Paints — The Difference

Here at Prestige Floor Coating we have created a product that has been created specifically for the east coast climate. Our floor paint can stand up to anything our climate throws at it including heat, snow, sunshine, and rain. Our floor paints are UV resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about letting the sun pour through your building, your floor will not fade leaving unsightly spots throughout. Our floor coatings also offer excellent slip resistance, this is true even when liquid is spilled on the floor. We offer a range of paint colors to suit your building, and all of our flooring products are built to keep their beautiful color and shine.

Why Us for Your Commercial Floor Painting Needs?

Prestige Floor has been in the floor coating business for over 16 years and our staff hold over 24 years experience combined. All of our flooring experts can help you choose the best floor paint product for your buildings need. We design and manufacture our products and hire a team of on staff chemists to ensure we are creating the best products possible. We have worked with over 14,000 commercial and residential customers, providing a floor paint product that stands up to heavy use and will remain beautiful for years to come. If you are in need of commercial floor painting, and would like to repair and protect your floors, contact us today at Prestige Floor Coating.

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The floor looks great, the guys are good workers, professional and very courteous. I appreciated having them here.

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