Concrete Floor Coatings in Baltimore, MD

Residential & Industrial Floor Coatings

Our professionals at Prestige Floor Coating offers many different concrete floor coating products for the home or the industrial workplace. Our specialized coatings can be professionally applied by our knowledgeable technicians to a variety of areas in and around your home or business including basements, outdoor walkways, factory floors, concrete stairs and steps, patios, and garages.

These residential and industrial floor coatings are available in several colors and textures, making sure your floor coating is as aesthetically pleasing as it is protective, safe, and functional.

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Our Concrete Floor Coatings in Baltimore, MD

In the last several decades, the technology of residential or industrial floor coatings has advanced significantly. Today’s concrete floor coatings are made to last. These newly manufactured coatings are far more resilient than ever before and will stand up to just about anything your commercial, industrial, or home slab must endure.

Protective concrete floor coatings are bonded directly to your floor, strengthening your concrete instead of simply providing a topical protectant. Though some routine maintenance is required, your slab flooring will be easy to care for and long-lasting, and ultimately more cost-effective than ever before.

Additionally, residential and industrial concrete floor coatings provide anti-slip qualities. Whether commercial, industrial, or home, your floor will be safe. You, your customers, employees and loved ones will be safe from slip and fall injuries-and liabilities.

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Benefits of Concrete Floor Coatings

Choosing the right type of concrete floor coating for your home or business depends on the type of traffic you expect. The main purpose of concrete epoxy floor coating is to act as a protectant and keep your slab from becoming vulnerable to corrosive chemicals, harsh conditions, such as inclement weather, and normal deterioration due to wear and tear.

Businesses which deal with heavy traffic, as well as surface wear from machinery and heavy load assembly, know long-term wear protection is essential. Areas which experience extremes in temperature need concrete floor coatings which can withstand the expanding and contracting that goes with the varying temperatures while protecting from those extremes.

For commercial floors in open warehouses and customer showrooms, you’ll want to provide maximum protection, but you also need your floor to work with your design scheme. Prestige Flooring offers many options for concrete floor coatings which are as aesthetically appealing as they are durable.

Residential & Industrial Floor Coating Services

Prestige Floor Coating has the technological edge needed to provide the very best solution for protecting and adding years to the life of your concrete floor. For nearly two decades, we’ve been honing our craft. With over forty thousand satisfied customers, our work speaks for itself.

We formulate and design our concrete floor coatings specifically for concrete in the eastern US. With our extreme seasonal temperatures, we need to be certain of the durability and strength of our concrete epoxy floor coating. Our concrete floor coatings have been installed in other areas of the country with harsh temperature extremes, such as the searing Arizona Desert, and northern Minnesota, known for extreme winters.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we design and manufacture specially formulated concrete floor coatings right in our own lab. Our on-staff chemists take pride in their work, which is why we’re experts in concrete floor coatings in Baltimore, MD. We’ve covered a lot of concrete over the past 16 years-30 million square feet to be exact-with a product so durable we offer a lifetime warranty against peeling.

Our residential and industrial floor coatings are environmentally sound, odorless, and emit no VOC’s, in contrast to polyurethane, the popular choice for do-it-yourself concrete floor coatings. Professional application guarantees your complete satisfaction, and our warranty assures you our work isn’t complete until you, the customer, are completely satisfied.

For residential or industrial floor coating services in Baltimore, call (443) 519-2628 or contact us online!

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