Concrete Floor Refinishing

Garage Floor Refinishing in Maryland

Concrete floors are versatile, though a little utilitarian.  They withstand a lot of abuse.  But, maintenance can be an issue in trying to keep your concrete floor looking it’s best.  Because it’s porous, stains are absorbed and difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of.  Certain caustic chemicals can eat away at your concrete.  And your concrete floor, though incredibly hard, can succumb to cracks, which, once there, will only grow wider and more deep.

Is it possible to have the longevity of concrete, yet protect it in a way that prevents those common threats like cracking, pitting, staining, and the like?  Yes!  When you have concrete floor refinishing from Prestige Floor Coating, you provide protection and extend the life of your floor.  Not only will your floor be even more durable than before, you have a wide variety of finishes and colors, adding an aesthetic quality with your concrete floor refinishing.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Refinishing

Prestige Floor Coating provides high-quality, commercial grade, floor protection.  Your concrete floor refinishing project will result in a surface which retains the hardiness of this remarkably strong flooring material-concrete-yet is protected from the typical damage.  Stains, cracked surface, pitting, abrasions, are all a thing of the past when you arm your floor with coating from Prestige.

Prestige Floor Coating concrete floor refinishing also helps keep out the cold.  Formulated for east coast concrete, our coating products will form such a thorough seal, cold, dampness, and water can’t seep though.  By providing a barrier against these threats to your floor, you provide that much more protection.

Consider the problems of standing liquid.  You not only risk damage to your concrete, you risk injury to your guests and employees in your home or business.  Our outstanding product will provide texture, thwarting the danger of slipping and injury.  Our 600% elasticized rubberized coating is recommended for outdoor, as well as indoor, use, so you know it will hold up under risky conditions such as snow and ice.

Your newly refinished concrete flooring not only benefits the life of your floor and the safety of your friends and family.  Prestige Floor Coating is environmentally safe.  Much more safe, in fact, than any other floor coating.  Unlike other floor coatings, Prestige products don’t use harmful polyurethanes which can emit dangerous fumes.

Superior Protection

As you can see, concrete floor refinishing does so much for your concrete, aesthetically, as preventative safety insurance, and to expend the life of your floor.  Prestige Floor Coating provides the highest quality product available for your concrete floor project.  Our on-staff chemists have worked to bring a line of high-quality products that can withstand temperature extremes, environmental threats, heavy equipment, caustic chemicals, and much more.  Floor coatings by Prestige are as strong as they are good-looking and they will keep your concrete floor’s durability in check for decades.

Your Concrete Refinishing Experts

For your concrete floor refinishing project, trust the experts.  For nearly a quarter century, Prestige has been applying our floor coating.  We’ve honed our technique and can have your application completed in as little as one day.  Our superior product comes with a lifetime warranty for residential floor coatings and we stand by our work.

To request an estimate for concrete floor refinishing at your home or business, contact one of the floor refinishing experts at Prestige Floor Coating today.

We can often provide estimates over the phone, so call us today for a free, fast, and no-obligation estimate!

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