Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy Floor Installation in MD, VA, PA, DE, DC

Epoxy floors are a wonderful way to provide lifelong protection and aesthetic appeal to your cement floors.  Whether you want to prevent motor oil from staining your garage, give your basement floor some panache without worrying about the effect of extreme temperature changes, protect your industrial warehouse from damage, or provide durability to your showroom without compromising your décor, epoxy floors are the answer.

This remarkable substance has so many applications-from residential to industrial to commercial.  Made up of poly-resins and hardening agents, your epoxy floor will bond to your substrate floor and last for many years to come, providing your flooring has been professionally installed.  Professional installation is key.  No one should expect a do-it-yourself- application or installation to be successful.

When your epoxy floor installation isn’t done by professionals, you run the risk of your epoxy floor peeling, cracking, and not adhering.  Not only will this lead to failure of your epoxy flooring, but could cause damage to the substrate underneath.  DIY products can also be inferior and homeowners and business owners end up contacting professionals to perform the installation of their epoxy floor.

Unsurpassed Product and Application

Prestige Floor Coating designs and manufactures a superior product, and provides professional installation.  Prestige is the floor coating expert, with 16 years in the business, and over 40 thousand satisfied customers.  Our product was formulated by our own chemists and is guaranteed not to peel.  Our product and installation are unmatched in customer satisfaction.

Residential Epoxy Flooring Installation

Basement floors, laundry rooms and garages need the protection of epoxy floors.  Pool decks, walkways, and exterior stairways have the added benefit of anti-slippage coating.  There are many areas around your home where epoxy flooring could provide protection and beauty.

Installation of your residential epoxy floor begins with proper preparation.  First, we diamond grind the surface of your floor, exposing the porous concrete.  This allows the moisture within to merge your epoxy flooring, creating an impermeable bond which will adhere, even as the temperature causes your floor to expand or shrink.   Then we fill and repair any cracks and uneven spots on your floor.

The product we install will be personalized to your floor, so it can accommodate the movement and shifting particular to your home.  You’ll never see cracks or peeling.  Your individualized product is applied in at least two coats.  Should you desire flaking or texturizing, that will also be done.  We finish with an industrial grade sealant, ensuring your floor will always be as appealing as it is on the day your epoxy floor installation is completed.  The entire residential epoxy floor installation takes 2-3 days, however Prestige Floor Coating doesn’t consider your floor installation complete until you’re 100% satisfied.  We also guarantee your residential floor for life.

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Installation

Commercial and industrial buildings need epoxy flooring if you want to provide protection.  Manufacturing, health care, educational settings, automobile and heavy machinery showrooms and warehouses are ideal for epoxy floor installation.  Similar to residential installation, but typically on a much larger scale, our professional installers come in, remove the old flooring down to the substrate, then grind, and fill cracks and crevices.  We apply your personalized epoxy flooring in up to 5 coats, and seal with the strongest sealant available.  Obviously, commercial application can take longer than 3 days.  How long depends upon several factors, such as size of the area.

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Prestige Floor Coatings provides protection for residential, industrial and commercial floors.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on our success.  If you’re interested in epoxy floor installation for your home or business, contact Prestige Floor Coating for more information.

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