Floor Coatings for Marijuana Dispensaries in Pennsylvania

With more states continuing to legalize the use of medical marijuana, dispensaries are becoming more and more common—and more competitive. To give your marijuana dispensary an edge, consider investing in premium floor coating from Prestige Floor Coating. Concrete floors are prone to becoming stained, cracked, or slippery—this is not only unattractive aesthetically but also could be dangerous to your staff and customers. You want to be sure that you are protecting your customers, employees, and yourself from any potential injury or liability. Be sure to hire Prestige Floor Coatings in order to have a safe, good-looking, custom floor coating in your medical marijuana dispensary.

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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Aside from the aesthetic benefit to coating your floor, there are numerous additional benefits to using a floor coating on the concrete floor of your marijuana dispensary. We have been contracted for manufacturing facilities and dispensaries so we know what is needed and how to properly apply a coating for this type of application.

Prestige Floor Coating is very aware of the sensitivities of the plants, and it is a priority for us to maintain the integrity of your product. We do this by:

  • Offering coatings that will not emit any odors or volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Avoiding products that will irritate, harm, or impact the air quality of your dispensary
  • Passing inspection approval for previous work we have completed

We want to make sure you know that you are working with an excellent team that prioritizes high-quality workmanship and stands by the products we use.

High-Quality Product & Superior Installation

At Prestige Floor Coating, quality is of the utmost importance to us. Some of the advantages of epoxy floor coatings for marijuana dispensaries include:

  • Industrial grade epoxy paint is up to 800 times stronger than concrete alone
  • Rubberized membrane makes the flooring slip and skid resistant
  • Floor coatings are stain-free and UV protected
  • We can accommodate your construction schedule
  • No project is too big or too small for our skilled staff members
  • We employ on-site chemists that help us give our clients high-quality and durable floors

Our floor coating options are a smart and safe option for your medical marijuana dispensary, and we are certain that our product will not impact the health of your plants.  When freshly installed, our floor coatings do not emit any odors and are eco-friendly from the beginning manufacturing process to installation.

Designing Your Custom Commercial Floor Coating

For your marijuana dispensary, Prestige Floor Coating takes custom design very seriously and we offer more than 500 color and design options, many of which are chemical resistant, UV protected, and scratch resistant.

We involve you throughout the process so you can explore color samples and decide on which option is right for your business. Didn’t find the exact look you were going for? Not a problem! We can create a custom chip blend for you with the assistance of one of our trained design consultants. After designing your custom commercial floor coating, you will be sure to have an attractive and professional environment for your customers.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Your Marijuana Dispensary Today

If you are designing your medical marijuana dispensary and are in need of a quality floor coating, be sure to reach out to us at Prestige Floor Coating. We will be sure that your floors are installed in a timely manner and on budget.

Call us at (443) 519-2628 or request a free estimate online for your marijuana dispensary floor coating.

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