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Your garage floor is very likely the most used-and abused-surface in your home.  Think about it-not only do you park one, two, or even three vehicles in your garage, but you store chemicals, leaky landscaping equipment, and undertake your messiest projects in your garage.

All of this wear an tear on your concrete surface can take a harsh toll.  Eventually, you end up with pits, cracks and fissures,which, left untreated, can erode your floor, allow moisture to seep in, and make replacement necessary.  Sealing your floor will absolutely provide protection, but there is so much more that goes into the proper, and effective, application of floor sealant than homeowners can accomplish as a DIY project.

Floor Sealing – Never a DIY Project!

Applied improperly, your floor sealing products can actually do more harm than good.  Cracks and splits in the sealant can cause unsightly peeling and “bald spots” in your floor coating, but these cracks can also let in moisture, which will further erode your floor.  Also, many of the DIY floor coatings don’t provide anti-slip surfaces, which can lead to injury and even liability lawsuits.

For the proper floor sealing, go with the professionals at Prestige Floor Coating, the premiere floor coating service in the eastern United States.  Our product is superior for many reasons, and our customers are always satisfied with the outcome.  Developed in our own labs, our proprietary floor coating is kind to the environment, comes in a variety of colors and styles, and is designed to withstand the harsh weather experienced in the eastern US.

Beauty and Protection

While floor sealing is often just a functional upgrade to a home or business, it can also beautify the concrete as well. Exposed concrete is a common architectural element today, but over time it can become stained or chipped–making it unsightly. Our floor sealing can protect your floors while enhancing their aesthetics.


Our Tri-M sealer will give your concrete surfaces a glossy, wet-like appearance, highlighting the natural variations in the concrete surface–creating a one of a kind look.

Garage Floors and More

Basements benefit from our floor sealant as well.  Your concrete basement floor can be extremely cold in the winter, and fairly uninviting all year long.  When you apply floor sealing, you suddenly don’t mind the basement floor.  You can even utilize the area as a recreational space.  Our floor sealing products come in a vast array of styles, ideal for turning your basement into that “man cave” or rec room you’ve always wanted.

Additionally, outdoor spaces such as concrete patios, stairways, and pool decks, can become stained, pitted, and slip and fall hazards when wet.  Prestige Floor Coating provides the ideal solution for your outdoor areas, as well as basement and garage.  Our hearty product is so strong and durable it won’t crack, split, or degrade, providing protection for you and your concrete floors, for many years to come.  We even provide our residential customers with a lifetime warranty.

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Protect your concrete floor, add value to your home, and keep your friends and family safe by having Prestige Floor Coating apply our superior proprietary floor coating product.  Scroll through our image gallery and you’ll see, the difference is remarkable.  Or, for more information, contact Prestige Floor Coating today. Let the professionals apply a superior product you can count on. No matter your concrete floor sealing needs, we’ve got you covered.

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