Garage Floor Refinishing

Garage Floor Refinishing in Maryland


If you’ve ever been to a warehouse, large department store, or automobile showroom, and admired the finished look and upscale appearance of the flooring, you may be interested to know that you can have that same clean, smart showroom quality look in your residential garage.

Affordable garage floor refinishing is available for homeowners in throughout much of the Mid-Atlantic with Prestige Floor Coating.  Prestige Floor Coating is one the premier commercial and residential floor refinishing contractor in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

Your once bare concrete floor will not only look better, but garage floor refinishing provides a unique protective coating that will keep it’s good looks for years to come.  Garage floor coating provides anti-slippage protection as well, and, by refinishing your garage floor, you’ll prevent the stains, cracks, peeling and pitting to which unprotected, or lesser product coated garage floors fall victim.

How Garage Floor Refinishing Benefits Your Home

Garage floor refinishing provides an occlusive seal, which is virtually impervious to threats.  By sealing the concrete, you also provide a barrier against the damp cold which can seep in, and in many cases, cause damage to the floor itself.  Garage floor refinishing benefits your floor in so many ways.

  • Provides Durability – Your floor will keep it’s showroom quality resistance for many years.  Our specially formulated Prestige Floor Coating is made specifically with the harsh east coast weather in mind.  Your floor will hold up in the face of standing water, ice, sub-freezing temperatures and many other threats, and continue to look good for decades.
  • Easy Maintenance – Your Prestige Floor Coating garage floor turns a chore into a moments care.  Spills, stains, dirt and dust are easily taken care of when you have a coated garage floor.  Stored items will accumulate less dust and dirt in your easy-to-maintain garage.
  • Increases Usable Space – Because your garage floor refinishing offers a clean and appealing space, you’ll find you’ll want to use that space for so much more than before.  Certainly, storage becomes more user-friendly as you know stains from your landscape equipment are no longer a concern, and damage from heavier equipment is a thing of the past.  The advantage of having a smooth surface without threat of slip and fall issues means you can provide an ideal rainy-day play area for your children, as well as a gathering place for you and your friends.
  • Improves Aesthetic Quality – Your once utilitarian-looking garage space is transformed by your refinished flooring.  Not only does your floor look lovely, but there’s a new warmth, and you’ll find the acoustics aren’t as bothersome as they were.  Garage floor refinishing also means the pitting, cracks, divots, and stains are no longer an issue.  Your garage floor looks showroom lovely.
  • Enhanced Protection –  Dropping heavy equipment won’t threaten a garage floor protected by Prestige’s proprietary blend of floor coatings, nor will caustic chemicals, heavy use, or extreme temperatures.


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Prestige Floor Coating provides the most protection for your residential or commercial garage floor.  We’ll prep and treat your floor, apply your coating, and have your garage back to you and better than ever in as little as one day.  Our specialized formula is created by our in-house chemists and mixed according to your specifications.

Contact the professionals at Prestige Floor Coating for your garage floor refinishing estimate today!

We proudly provide garage floor refinishing services in the following areas:

Maryland     Northern Virginia     Southern Pennsylvania     Delaware     Washington, DC

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