Garage Organization Cabinet Installation

Hide and Seek is a lot of fun, when you’re a kid.  But if you find yourself playing a game of hide and seek with your belongings every time you go to retrieve something from your garage, it may be time for an organization intervention.  You can’t continue your life constantly searching for that particular tool, sports equipment, or lawn care gadget, amidst the clutter in your garage.

Garage organization cabinets will help clear the muddled mess in your garage.  By providing a clear cut area where you can store those belongings that take up space, and create clutter, you’ll always know just where to find what you need.  Moreover, your property will be protected and put-away, leaving your garage as neat as a pin.

If you feel like you just don’t have the space you need in your garage, install garage organization cabinets and find out how much more usable space opens up once everything is put away in it’s proper place.  Garage organization cabinets extend the storage you have for household items you may not use everyday, seasonal decorations, and harmful chemicals you don’t want to leave out in the open.  By having an area designated for storage, you’ll find your home feels less cluttered as well.


Prestige–Your Garage Experts

At Prestige Floor Coating, we are more than just a garage floor coating contractor–we are a complete garage solutions provider. In addition to our industry-leading floor coating products and services, we can assist you and your family with garage cabinet storage solutions as well.  For over two decades, Prestige has been the Mid-Atlantic area’s hometown floor coating specialist.  Our floor coatings have been sprucing up and protecting garages, basements, and concrete floors, in homes and businesses all across the country.  

Because of the high quality products and dedicated service we ensure, our name is synonymous with customer satisfaction.  The same dedication with which we install our floor coatings is also at the core of our garage organization cabinet installation.  We aren’t happy until you, the homeowner, are 100% satisfied.

Simple to Customized Garage Cabinet Systems

All garages are different, just as every homeowner is unique.  Our goal is to help you organize the clutter in your garage, so that you have easy access to your belongings when you need them.  We can work with you, even if you have limited space, and help you keep your garage neat and tidy.

Whether your storage concerns are small, or large, you can count on Prestige to solve all of your storage needs. From bicycle mounts to a place to store your kayak, from gardening supplies to the tools of your trade, Prestige will find a way to keep your belongings out of the way, yet there when you need them.  Should your organization and storage needs require a more customized approach, our partner, Cornerstone Closets can come up with some remarkable solutions.  

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Prestige Floor Coating specializes in finding solutions to your storage by utilizing garage organization cabinets.  If you find yourself drowning in clutter, and have no idea what to do, contact Prestige Floor Coating

We’ll come up with an individualized plan to suit your family’s needs.  Your garage will be shipshape and orderly fast.  And who knows?  You may even find the space to park your car.


We proudly provide garage organization cabinet installation and floor coatings in the following areas:

Maryland     Northern Virginia     Southern Pennsylvania     Delaware

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