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Keep Your Garage Neat With Prestige Floor Coating

No one starts out with a cluttered garage.  You move in, store a few tools, maybe some yard equipment, half full paint cans, bicycles, the kids’ sports gear, and before you know it, you car no longer fits in its appointed space.  

For those homeowners who recognize themselves in either type of scenario, there are garage storage solutions that won’t use up your entire weekend, or precious free time.  Prestige Floor Coating can help you organize your clutter, and enhance the storage in your garage.  Your overwhelming mess can be put away and your garage will be neat and tidy once again. At Prestige, we are more than a garage flooring company–we are also a garage organization company–helping you both protect and organize your garage. To learn more about our services, or to request a free estimate, click the button below.

Garage Storage Systems From Prestige

Let Prestige Floor Coating help you find a garage storage system for your  home.  Prestige has been making Mid-Atlantic area garages look great for over 22 years.  With the same dedication we apply to installing our state-of-the-art floor coatings, Prestige will help find the garage storage solutions you’ve been looking for, and help you clear the clutter once and for all.

The professionals at Prestige Floor Coating understand that garage storage solutions aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ proposition.  For you to be able to maintain a sense of order in your garage, it’s necessary for us to understand just how you use your garage.  We’ll go over our ideas with you, making sure you’re included every step of the way.

Storage for Every Space

Of course, for some garages, especially in older homes, space is a concern.  We can find a fix for virtually every storage issue you may have.  Our goal is a well-organized garage, a happy homeowner and a satisfied customer.

Our team of professional organizers will identify your garage storage needs, and show you our garage organization cabinets and storage solutions.  Should you need a more customized approach to your garage storage solutions, our partner company, Cornerstone Closets, can be of service.  

Organization + Protection

If you haven’t done so already, you may also want to consider garage floor coating, if you haven’t already.  Our affordable floor coatings not only preserve the neat and clean look of your organized garage, they protect your floors as well. And Prestige Floor Coating comes with a residential lifetime warranty.

Start using your garage in a whole new way.  No more wasting time hunting for that one item you know is in that muddled mess in your garage. No more ugly stained floors. With Prestige Floor Coatings, you can transform your garage into a showpiece room in your home!  

Request a Free Estimate!

Contact the organization specialists at Prestige Floor Coating for your garage storage solutions and concrete floor coatings.  If you know your dimensions, we can even give you a fast, rough, estimate over the phone!

Call us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.


We proudly provide garage storage solutions and floor coatings in the following areas:

Maryland     Northern Virginia     Southern Pennsylvania     Delaware 

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