Hospital Floor Coatings

Hospital floor coatings are called upon in many more ways than commercial, industrial or retail floor protection.  Your hospital, or medical facility, sees foot traffic, gurneys, wheelchairs, and heavy machinery, not to mention a constant assault of caustic and antiseptic cleaners.  You must be assured, in your health care environment, not one single patient or employee will come to any harm due to the condition of your floor.  Slip-and-falls, tripping, exposure to toxins, and inability to provide protection against degradation of your hospital flooring, are very serious matters in any health care setting.

Prestige Floor Coating is the industry leader when it comes to protective hospital floor coating.  In 16 years of service to the greater Baltimore area, we’ve honed our products to the specific needs of the hospital environment.  Health care institutions all over the country are quite pleased with our hospital floor coatings.

The demands placed on a hospital floor are far different from any other setting.  For that reason alone, the need for a superior product is critical.  Prestige floor coatings are superior in their formulation, application and ability to withstand the harsh conditions of a hospital environment.

The Benefits of Prestige Floor Coating

Of course, health care facilities require a certain amount of aesthetically pleasing décor, as a calming environment is found to put patients and their family members a bit more at ease.  That’s why hospital floor coatings from Prestige are available in a variety of colors and textures.   From waiting area, to emergency room, and from triage to operating theatre, your patients and staff won’t feel the cold and sterile environment so often associated with care facilities.

The use of toxic components in hospital-or any- floor coatings is strongly discouraged.  Prestige hospital floor coatings are environmentally safe.  Our durable formula is toxin-free, and no harsh abrasives are used in preparing the flooring area.   Our product is free of volatile organic compounds, and we’ve even eliminated the noxious fumes so common in many floor coating products.

Dependable Flooring is Essential

Hospital and health care environment floor coatings from Prestige are as durable as they are environmentally sound and stylish.  Our floor coating is formulated in-house by our very own chemists and installed to your specifications.  We warranty our hospital floor coatings against cracking, splitting and peeling.  You can depend on Prestige Floor Coating to stand up to the unique abuse doled out in a healthcare environment, and stay in place, protecting your floor and those who tread upon it, on day one and for many years to come

Fast & Professional Floor Coating Installation

Our application and installation of hospital floor coatings is thorough and complete.  Our professional installation team will pre-treat your floor, to ensure even application, and repair cracks, pits and damage, so your floor will be impervious to moisture, which can cause degradation.  We will apply your protective floor coating and finish with an extremely durable set of top coats to finish the job.

Because of the durability and strength of our floor coatings, you won’t ever need to be concerned with time-consuming maintenance.  Our coatings are designed to last, so repairs or replacement of our product are not a concern.  Your health care center won’t suffer the interruptions of repair or replacement.

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Hospital floor coatings by Prestige are unique in many ways.  We not only fit your environment, but we fit your schedule.  Our job is never finished until you’re completely satisfied.  We realize the level of trust health care facilities place in our company, and our product.  You’ll be happy you entrusted your hospital floor coating to Prestige Floor Coatings.

Prestige Floor Coating provides hospital floor coating solutions in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware

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