Industrial Floor Refinishing

If you own or manage an industrial building, you likely understand just what your building’s floor has to stand up to. Whether your work environment includes the use of chemicals, oil, or other harsh substances, or your building sees a lot of heavy traffic, you will need a floor that can stand up to everything that is thrown its way.

Our industrial floor refinishing services can help to prolong the useful life of your commercial floors and reduce the need for ongoing maintenance or repairs. At Prestige Floor Coating, our floor refinishing services are geared towards getting you the best possible product that will last many years.

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Our Floor Refinishing Epoxy Services

At Prestige Floor Coating we have designed a proprietary floor refinishing epoxy with industrial floors in mind. Designed specifically for east coast concrete, our floor coating polymer is guaranteed to protect your industrial floor from heavy use and harsh conditions. Our floor coatings are made to handle anything your business can dish out.  Strong, yet environmentally safe coatings are the result of years of research and tried and true results, by our own chemists.

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Benefits of Industrial Floor Refinishing Services

Finding the right product to refinish your floor is not always easy. You need a product that will last! Prestige Floor Coating’s industrial floor refinishing services work to provide the following benefits:

  • Repair and prevent dings, cracks, or wear and tear
  • Reduce the frequent need for maintenance or repairs
  • Strengthen floors against the elements of harsh weather conditions

Protecting your floors is important, you want to make sure those working in your building are safe, you also want to make sure that your flooring looks good when new clients enter your building. No matter what use your industrial flooring sees, Prestige Floor Coating can help you choose the right products for your unique space.

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Environmentally Friendly Industrial Floor Refinishing Products

Industrial areas are often filled with chemicals and gasses that are not necessarily healthy for those working in the area. Adding even more chemicals through your flooring can exasperate this issue.

Our environmentally friendly industrial floor coating products do not emit harmful VOC’s into the air, protecting your staff and helping the environment. We also work hard to reduce our carbon footprint, creating a superior product that is environmentally conscious.

Why Prestige for Your Industrial Floor Refinishing Needs?

Here at Prestige, we quickly realized that our customers needed a product that could stand up to the East Coast weather. We hired our own on-staff chemists to create a product that was designed specifically for our area’s climate.

We design and manufacture all of the own products, delivering a floor refinishing product that can truly stand up to the harshest of conditions. With over 16 years’ experience in the floor coating business, all of our staff have the experience to help you pick the best products for your building.

We offer an industrial floor refinishing product that is odorless, slip resistant when wet, industrial strength, and stain, impact, and abrasion resistant. When you let Prestige Floor Coating help you with your industrial floor refinishing needs, you can trust you are getting the best customer service alongside a superior product.

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