Our Partnership with Fathead allows us to incorporate any of their graphics, or any custom graphics you select from them on to your surface coating at a discounted rate.

Here is an example of a coated floor that has incorporated a Fathead logo of Ohio State.


The technology utilized in producing Hendrix ThermoGUARD was originally developed by NASA to create a spray-on insulation that would protect space shuttles from intense heat during re-entry into the atmosphere. A few years ago, Hendrix became affiliated with the manufacturer who adapted the NASA technology in order to make a heat reflecting additive with insulating properties for use by the general public. A very inexpensive radiant heat insulator to make your floor warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.


Our partnership with PODS allows you the convenience of storing your belongings safely outside, at a reduced rate, while we work.
Mention Promo Code: PRESTIGEFLOOR when calling PODS at 1-888-901-4914 for special discounted rate on renting a PODS unit.

Ryan Homes

Currently serving Howard County, we work with Ryan Homes to add value and functionality of new and existing homes.

Cornerstone Closets

We specialize in strictly floors, but have garnished a lot of customer interest in cabinets. We do not want to lose focus from our flooring process, so we have teamed up with Cornerstone Closets, that solely install cabinets not only in your garage, but anywhere in your home. They also have a lot of other cool items, such as wall beds!

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DIY vs. Prestige Floor Coating

The technicians and installers at Prestige Garage and Floor Coating are often asked how effective the discount kits at the big box home centers are. As we all know, big home centers sell (relatively) inexpensive one- and two-part kits from Rustoleum, Behr, and other manufacturers.

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The floor looks great, the guys are good workers, professional and very courteous. I appreciated having them here.

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