Residential Floor Coatings

We offer many applications for residential usage, garage floors, pool decks, walkways, basement floors, laundry rooms and several other applications.  The color selection is almost unlimited so there are colors to match your home.

Our Residential Floor Coating Services

Applying floor coating to your garage, carport, basement or concrete areas of your home, was once an arduous and time-consuming process.   You had to make sure the area you were coating was free of dirt, dust, and all debris.  Even the smallest particle could throw off the entire application.  Then you needed to apply your floor coating, allow it to dry, and apply again, typically, a few more times.   Once your floor coating process was complete, you needed to maintain, and likely, reapply every few years.

With Prestige Floor Coating, you no longer need to be concerned with the time-consuming task of floor coating application.  In as little as two to three days, your garage, basement, carport of whatever area you wish to protect, will be finished and ready for use.  What’s more, when you utilize our floor coating process, you’ll find freedom from doing the job yourself.  Our professional technicians will take care of everything, leaving you free to pursue other tasks on your never-ending “honey do” list.

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Why Coat Your Residential Floors

Floor coating is a wonderful way to preserve and protect your home’s concrete floors.  Your garage floor, basement, or any high-traffic walkway, or busy concrete area, can get quite a work out.  Foot traffic, cars, bikes, and all manner of kids’ outdoor recreational items, can wear on your floor.  Water can build up, creating a safety hazard.  Your flooring can become stained and grimy.  Your concrete floor can become cracked to the point that no amount of patching will restore its aesthetic appeal.

By coating your floor with our protective material, you’ll save yourself the time and worry of keeping your floor clean and preventing slip-and-fall mishaps.  Prestige Floor Coatings also have a radiant reflective insulating quality.  Your floor will not only be durable, but quiet, and not as chill-conducting as bare concrete.

Customized Flooring Coatings

Prestige Floor Coatings are designed and manufactured especially for our customers, by our very own on-staff chemists.  Our unique elastic, rubberized formula is made especially with the East coast seasonal temperatures and humidity in mind.  We take pride in our superior floor coating.

By utilizing our services, homeowners can rest easy knowing our technicians take each application personally.  The job we do for you will be done with the utmost care and knowledge.  Your floors will be prepared, first by state-of-the-art mechanical abrasion, in a way which minimizes annoying and bothersome dust, and then any holes, cracks, or divots will be repaired using a proprietary product six times stronger than concrete.

After application of the bonding agent, your floor coating, and the protective poly-hybrid coatings will be applied.  Finally, we can apply various types of anti-skid products to ensure your floor is safe for the least nimble of your household.  Once our work has been completed, you’ll be allowed full use of your floor within 48 hours, even for the heaviest of machinery.

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Prestige Floor Coating specializes in residential floor coatings, garage floor coatings, and more.  THAT’S ALL WE DO, AND WE DO IT RIGHT!  Our product is guaranteed and we provide a lifetime warranty on most finishes.  Ongoing maintenance isn’t required beyond cleaning, and we’ll provide you with cleaning guidelines.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add style and value to your home, look no further than Prestige Floor Coating.  We are proud of our service and dedication with over sixteen years experience in the floor coating business.  We provide the finest quality products available, we stand behind our products, and product application.  Contact Prestige Floor Coating for all of your concrete floor coating needs.  We’ve got you covered.

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The floor looks great, the guys are good workers, professional and very courteous. I appreciated having them here.

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