VOC Free Floor Coatings

Floor coatings are a great way to preserve and protect your concrete or cement floors. Epoxy and rubberized floor coatings are much more versatile than the floor “paints” of a few decades ago. Today’s floor coatings come in many different colors and textures, providing an aesthetic quality to your garage, basement, patio, or commercial concrete floor. Many of the places you visit often utilize floor coating to protect their concrete floors-retail establishments, health care facilities, grocery and warehouse stores, the list is endless.

Yes, you likely come in contact with industrial floor coating every day, maybe in your own home, but have you stopped to think just what goes into many protective floor products, and the possible effect those ingredients could have on you and your family? When organic chemicals are used to formulate and manufacture many common household goods and products, the potential for Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC, to be released into the air you breathe is very high.

What are VOC?

VOC are common organic chemicals found in all kinds of everyday products. The chemicals used in making these products give off a kind of gas which has the potential to make some people very sick. Products you probably use, or come in contact with frequently, like air fresheners, cleaning supplies, paint, upholstery, dry cleaning fluids, printers and paints, to name a few, all emit VOC. You may or may not have realized a reaction to VOC, and in well-ventilated areas they pose a very low threat.

For some people, and in higher concentrations, VOC can cause unhealthy reactions. Anything from a scratchy throat, burning eyes, and irritated sinuses, to headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Some individuals can develop breathing problems, a rash, and severe allergic reactions, and VOC are a known trigger for asthmatics.

Safe Floor Coating Solutions

Prestige Floor Coating is proud to say we formulate VOC free floor coatings for your home or commercial floors. Although not everyone shows a reaction to these potentially harmful compounds, we produce VOC free floor coatings because we feel it’s not worth the risk to our customers, our employees, or our planet to do otherwise. VOC free floor coatings are unique in this business, and Prestige Floor Coating is proud to say our superior protective floor coatings emit zero volatile organic compounds.

Prestige formulates our VOC free floor coatings right in our own lab. We employ our own chemists to ensure the safe manufacturing of your residential, or commercial, floor protectant. Prestige Floor Coating provides a product so durable, we warranty your residential floor coating for life.

Our VOC free floor coatings are created specifically for our east coast weather, so you know that temperature extremes are no problem. Your garage floor, basement floor, or outbuilding floor will remain virtually impenetrable. Prestige VOC free floor coatings are stain resistant and will never crack or peel. Because of our texturized surface, you won’t worry about slipping, skidding or falling-and the liabilities they can bring.

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VOC free floor coatings from Prestige are excellent protection for walkways. Not only will your walkway remain safe-even when wet-but you can count on your walkway to look great for years to come. VOC free floor coatings are ideal aesthetically and to provide an anti-slip surface around your cement pool deck as well.

If you’re considering protective floor coating for your cement floor or surface, go with the safe and superior VOC free protective floor coating from Prestige. We offer a wide variety of VOC free floor styles to suit your needs. Contact Prestige Floor Coatings today.

Prestige Floor Coating provides VOC free floor coatings in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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