Are Floor Coatings Good for Indoor Use?

With the right coating, concrete makes an attractive and durable floor for any location, from a home kitchen to a retail showroom. Outdoors, coated concrete stands up to harsh weather and temperature changes. Indoors, a floor coating also provides strength and durability to handle foot traffic, spills, and dirt far better than plain concrete.

With hundreds of colors and textures to choose, concrete floor coatings aren’t just for basements and garages. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and also commercial locations like retail stores, showroom floors, and restaurants can all enjoy low-maintenance, long-lasting floors by applying a state-of-the-art polymer floor coating.

Are Floor Coatings Safe Indoors?

Some floor coatings are completely safe, and others are meant only for ventilated areas like garages and driveways. At Prestige Floor Coating, we use a unique product that does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds, which are a toxic gas emitted by polyurethane coatings and other flooring products.

Before choosing an indoor floor coating, make sure that it is safe for children, the elderly, pets, and people with asthma. If it isn’t safe for everybody, do you really want it in your home or office?

During installation, some floor coatings also produce an unpleasant odor. Unless you’ll be away on vacation while the coating dries, you probably want to avoid smelly chemical products.

Interior Style and Comfort

You might not care much about the looks of your garage floor, but indoors you definitely want something aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. The best floor coatings for indoors last more than a few years—so you don’t need to remove furniture and reapply constantly—and can be cleaned with a simple vinegar or soap solution.

Coatings can even make a style upgrade. Our concrete floor coatings are available in hundreds of colors, with custom chip colors, a metallic shimmer option, and even authentic sports team colors.

One other reason to apply floor coatings to concrete: our product has a pleasant insulating quality so you don’t get that cold concrete feeling on bare feet.

Home & Commercial Indoor Floor Coatings

Prestige Floor Coating has installed more than 2 million square feet of floor coatings in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact us to get a FREE estimate!

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