Do Garage Floor Coatings Need a Topcoat?

When you’ve decided to coat your garage floor, you may be wondering if a clear top coat is necessary. After all, doesn’t the coating itself protect the concrete? The short answer is that garage floor coatings do not strictly require a top coat, but adding the right kind of clear top coat only strengthens and benefits the floor.

We add a clear top coat to our advanced polymer floor coating for additional strength and to make the color and shine last longer. For more of a matte look, we can forego the top coat, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s why:

  • Extra durability: The clear top coat seals the layers of coating below, helping to prevent scratches and keep out more dust and dirt. It also strengthens the coating so it’s more resilient to weather and wear.
  • Better looks: With a professional-quality shine and more protection for the color and chips below, your garage floor coating will stay handsome.
  • Anti-skid protection: Our top coat includes a customizable level of anti-skid resistance to suit your location and purpose.

Keep in mind that not all flooring top coats are the same. In fact, you may be accustomed to store-bought seals made of polyurethane. At Prestige Floor Coating, that’s not how we do it. Polyurethane yellows over time, so it can actually ruin the appearance of the floor coating (if it even lasts that long).

Do Garage Floor Top Coats Need to be Reapplied?

Our clear top coat strengthens the floor, as there’s a chemical bond created between the concrete, polymer, and clear coat. The top coat absorbs the brunt of foot traffic, tires, and everything else that goes on in your garage, but the coating does not wear out quickly. 

If you’d like a new top coat, which would be at least years after installation, please give us a call before buying anything to apply yourself. We offer a lifetime warranty for residential garage floor coatings, or a two-year commercial warranty which fully safeguards against any installation defects.

Garage Floor Coatings in Maryland

Our four-step process of installing a garage floor coating leaves you with better performance and looks, for years longer. Contact Prestige Floor Coating for a free estimate today.

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